Welcome to the first issue of the Mass Timber Construction Journal.

The release of this first issue of the journal has been a monumental task for the editioral team and staff. The "team" work tirelessley behind the scences to ensure the journal is a success and are involved in setting up the website, populating and processing articles through the journal system etc. The editorial board would also like to thank the many 'unsung heroes' who are lurking behind the scenes and contributing a lot to the development of articles, the peer-reviewers. Without the significant contribution from those individuals, the journal would not be a success.

The editorial team do hope you enjoy the first issue of the Mass Timber Construction Journal and we look forward to the many more editions. We hope that the publication of this first edition will encourage many other authors submit an article to our journal, thus increasing the body of knowledge in the subject area.

The Mass Timber Construction Journal is an international, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed, open-access, on-line journal devoted to providing leadership in mass timber, construction, manufacturing, materials science and other research.

The Editorial Team - Mass Timber Construction Journal 

Published: 2018-08-04